Harald Bauske, CEO

AS the CEO of MBK, I have seen my business grow rapidly from a small packaging and logistics company in 2001 to the largest hobby distributors in Germany. I have been able to combine a deep understanding of logistics and customer service with my passion for plastic modeling by working to provide the most exceptional product, realistic pricing, and impeccable account management.  Our commitment has always been to provide our retail customers with the service and product they have come to expect, and we are now expanding into direct business-to-business (B2B) sales by integrating our core values and strengths with our team of experienced and motivated professionals.



Patrick Perales Regional Sales Director B2B USA

Welcome to MBK. I am the managing director of our North American retail and distribution channels in the United States. With over 20 years  experience in account management, B2B sales, and project management, combined with a deep passion for the hobby industry itself, I have found the perfect home as a professional. I look forward to developing lasting partnerships with a focus on service and respect.


Harald Bauske´s management skills and logistic capabilities, in combination with Alex´s and Patrick´s strong abilities in communication and sales, make the executive floor at MBK becoming a very efficient flight deck. An efficient management team is made of people who´s talents and capacities complement each other. The question of this being more than a theory has been answered by the results having been achived already.