With our "X-tended warehousing" our customers  are able to avoid annoying overstock and use their shelf space efficiently 

As our customer you have the ability to buy, secure and preserve your goods for being arranged as
on-time delivery. Of course we also can block and reserve your goods and hold it availble for you for a certain time frame. Using this service, you are reducing your handling processes and efforts.

Value added services
Bundling can be a very interesting method to stay competitive on the field. We are offering the assembly of single units to bundles, if you wish including your branding.

It also might be interesting for you to approach us with elements of your B2C communications. Your customers might appreciate to find a little "flyer" in their products, informing them what else you have on offer. We can pre-assemble this for you after having received your design.


Returns management

Missing parts? Damaged packaging? Talk to us. We´ll handle and replace.