We at MBK-USA consider ourselves being the missing link between industry and retail (e-tail).

Our mission is to remove any obstacle and resolve any situation that could prevent our partners from receiving the product and service they deserve.


-What this means to our industrial partners
MSRP management and omni-channel reporting

MBK will work to ensure that MSRPs or MSPs are clearly communicated and maintained. We will work with our partners to maintain product integrity and value. MBK-USA will not continue wholesale operations with entities using unfair and threatening pricing structures detrimental to other partners in our supply channel.

-Handling of service cases

MBK is your liaison and advocate when it comes to solving cases involving missing parts, damaged boxes, and other problems regarding DOA products.


Outsourced sales department

MBK-USA is developing partner-friendly programs which are designed to provide maximum benefit to our partners in our supply chain to easily and quickly stock the product and capitalize on new releases.

We are frequently running sales campaigns to ease product acquisition in order to help our partners keep a diverse product line.


Exception account management with personalization.

Our goal is to develop beneficial and lasting partnerships. This goes for both sides, industry and retail



-MBK-USA supporting your retail operations

-Handling service cases swiftly and locally (domestically)

-Product damaged (D.O.A) can be returned and replaced free of charge


Partner orientated problem solving

No one likes to carry unproductive stock. MBK-USA helps mitigate this risk by allowing the return of product that does not sell with six (6) months from the date of delivery.


Provision of POS materials

MBK can provide selling aids and marketing materials for the lines we are providing for our partners.